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John Paul Jackson: Step into Divine Healing

Written by  Lawrence Zolnowski
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If we want to experience God’s healing in our lives, we first need to do something that often is both simple and difficult at the same time. We need to believe that He can heal us. Over the centuries, there have been many people who have believed that it is possible to walk in divine health. Smith Wigglesworth (1859 – 1947) was one of these. He raised several people from the dead and was known to have incredible healing power; these, obviously, give some credence to his doctrine. However, not many Christians have followed in his footsteps because it takes faith to walk in that arena. We have to believe that the provision was made for us to walk in it, and not only do we have to believe it, we have to accept it, and then we have to live it. These things are not always easy to do.
Our faith is what frees us from the power of the enemy who seeks to kill and destroy us. And as soon as we choose to accept it, the door to the prison is opened. Faith removes us from the tyranny of the tyrant — we are saved out of the devil’s power. But if we don’t believe that we can be saved and if we don’t then act on that belief, we will remain in prison. I believe that God does very little for us without our first believing and receiving it. If we don’t accept what He offers, it is likely not going to be manifested or seen to operate in our lives. Our faith in Him enables us to walk in His provision and grace. Believing in God’s greatness God is great, and the deepest forms of His greatness come in Spirit-to-spirit communication. These deep forms don’t happen any other way. We may think they are foolish when we first look at them, but through His Spirit, they come alive to us. Many of us have the faith that God can heal a cold. We may also believe He can heal the flu and that once in a while, He will even heal cancers, and that is strange and wonderful to us. But few of us have the faith that He will heal “bigger” ailments, such as deformities. We have a much harder time accepting that possibility. However, when we pray for people who have deformities, we should expect them to be healed, if for no other reason than that is what God told us He would do: “He was bruised for our iniquities” (Isaiah 53:5). He took on the visage of being beaten and misshapen, so that our deformities could be healed. Our healing has already been paid for. The cost of it has already been laid down. It is ours, but if we don’t believe it is ours, we won’t walk in it. Understanding what God has done Hosea wrote, “‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’” (Hosea 4:6). If we do not understand all of what God has done for us, can we partake and receive the full benefit of it? Will we be healed if we don’t believe that God can or will do it? I would say probably not, because stepping into what God has done for us requires faith. Healing is often like salvation; Christ died for us, but until we ask for His salvation, we aren’t saved. It is there, but it isn’t ours yet. We have to ask for it, and it comes only by faith. Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil one (1 John 3:8) — not just the evil of demonization, illness, disease and infirmity, but the work of everything that is contrary to His Kingdom. What are you facing today that is contrary to His Kingdom? He has already cleared the way for you to walk out of the prison you find yourself in. This is true each and every time. The provision has been made for us, but understanding this truth takes an intense change of mindset, because the prison is not a physical place: It is the mind. As long as we are convinced that God’s healing is limited, we are never going to walk in the full power of His glory. It will sit there waiting for us, right outside the door. We have to believe that the provision was made, and then we have to accept it and live as if it’s true. Make the decision to step into it today.

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