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Mahesh and Bonnie ChavdaThe word for today and for this hour is SHIFT! We are at a tipping point. Many of you are sensing this individually, and we are certainly seeing this in our nation, our economy, and our world.

A tipping point is the moment at which something crosses the point of no return. It is the boiling point, the point of crisis, where momentum that has been building up behind the scenes suddenly bursts into the forefront. When it happens, the power released brings irreversible change.

The world is in a crisis. There is a clash of kingdoms vying for the destiny of our nation. But we, the people of God, carry the authority of Heaven to turn crisis into a shift toward the plans and purposes of God in our generation. Jesus said, "All authority has been given unto Me, therefore go into the earth and preach this Good News" (Matthew 28:18, paraphrased). The Church is the agent of change not just to bring people into the Kingdom, but to bring the Kingdom into the earth. We have a mandate to write history.

Watch for a Sign

Published in Voice of The Prophets

In this very hour in which we are living, the Lord is releasing His anointing on His people to a degree unseen since the first century. He wants to not only anoint us, but He wants to teach us how to steward it, how to release it, and how to increase it in our lives. He wants to give us spiritual victory. It is critically important that we be alert and ready to step into this season of divine appointment. God is calling us to welcome His anointing and take our places in the most glorious hour of the Church.

God is imparting His anointing to us for our own healing and deliverance, but there is more. He wants us to be so empowered and energized with His anointing that we become instruments of His miracles for others. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke. We are coming into a new prophetic hour, and God is calling us to become carriers of His glory that will break the yokes of bondage, sin and sickness and set His people free wherever we go.

Published in Voice of The Apostles
Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda

Have you ever stopped to think about the scenes leading up to Jesus' birth in their very human terms? We often wrap the Christmas story in a halo-like glow of wonder and the comfort of knowing the end of the story! But in between the awe of angelic visitation, the shining star and the rich gifts from the Magi, there was an impossible promise, wagging tongues of a scandalized community, a confused fiance, heartbroken parents, a bony donkey's back and a very dirty stable. Mary's blessing came with a lot of contradictions!

God's promises are often like that. Abraham was promised nations when he and Sarah were well beyond the age of natural ability to bear children. Moses was sent to set God's people free from the most powerful nation on earth with a one-line memo and a stick. Burning bush or not, when you think about it in those terms, we might have found ourselves stuttering when that message was delivered, too.

Published in Kingdom Gateway