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Leap Forward! An Army Arising! Stress is Being Removed-Praise will Lead you Forth! (by Chuck Pierce, Anne Tate, and Keith Pierce)

We are in a season of warfare. Remember, in this week of warfare we are giving thanks three times each day (morning, noon and night) so that Lord Sabaoth can release the Hosts of Heaven to war on our behalf. Allow praise to prepare your new pathway! The prophetic word that came forward on Sunday morning was:

"I have a new way for you to leap over that which has been in front of you, a new way for you to go over and into that next phase that I have called you into. I have a new way. I have a new horse for you to ride. It is not the horse of the flesh but the ruling white horse of My Spirit. Get ready to mount up, for I have an army that is not confused. I have an army that I am mobilizing. I have a team of warriors that will now win the war! I am releasing royal horses of war, royal horses that have been prepared for the day of battle. They are made of My invisible, invincible power which is holiness. If you will mount up on My royal war horses you will move with power and distinction. You will be audacious in the victories you will win as I blow My wind over you.

"Today is a day that I am opening the heavens in a new way to heal and prepare My people for war, that they may arise and come on the power of My horse that I sent. I have come this day to heal the adrenal glands in this body. I have come this day to balance out the chemicals inside the thyroid. I have come this day to remove the panic that has laid and embraced in the soul because I am releasing from an oppressing connection and I am tying it to My Spirit this hour. I am REMOVING STRESS that would weaken you as you go forth for Me in days ahead.

"Praise Me seven days to be released from the anxiety and stress that have held you captive! Seven days of praise this week - morning, noon and night. Seven days of praise! For I am shifting you and setting your boat upright. These next seven days I am going to give you revelation over blood flow and strokes. I am going to heal how you got bruised in last season. I am going to remove reproaches off of you that have been hanging on to you. I'm going to do a new thing in you.

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"This is going to be a week that I am going to be extending and establishing your boundaries for the future."

During this time critical time that we live in, ask for angels to guard your mouth so you do not speak an evil report. I shared on the blessings associated with Hebraic month of Tammuz. Lindy and Robert Heidler recently shared on the significance of this month, and how uncertainty, doubt and fear must not lead us into forming a "Golden Calf." Robert Heidler taught how idolatry is linked with FEAR and true worship is linked with Faith!

This month is a good time to:

• Let your eyes be bright so you see your path ahead!
• Establish the brilliance of your righteousness and be brilliant through worship.
• Look at your life and project progress, and make adjustments.
• Shed your old shell and remove insecurities.
• Guard your heart and your eyes.
• Worship and stay devoted. Wait on the Lord or you will be in danger of developing a golden calf!

Key Prophecy from Chuck Pierce and Karen Vaughn: Your Thoughts Will Contend with My Sound!

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Dear Overcomers:

During Purim we prophesied that a Purim Reality would occur. That means something and someone that was set against God's covenant would be exposed and brought to justice. What was prophesied was announced last night when our President shared about Osama bin Laden. Justice was brought forth! This was a modern day Purim event (see below).

Since Passover, we have experienced almost non-stop rain here in Denton! Apostle Jay Swallow made an apostolic decree and the rain has come. Part of what he shared on Friday, April 22 was:

"We declare this is a day of miracles. We declare we call in the rain! Call in the rain! Put out that fire! We respond to Your notification that this is our responsibility to bring forth the new and the living way. Yahweh! We call upon You. Bring in the clouds. Bring it supernaturally. God we create in our hearts the word. Bring an end to the drought. God we call upon You! Oh God! Oh! Bring it down! We declare this to be so in Yahweh's name. Let it roll, let it rumble from your heart. Agree with me. Thank You Lord, we look for the rain. Get out your umbrellas. The rain is coming!"

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Chuck D. Pierce

Dear Gap Standers:

Here is a strategic letter from Peter Wagner that will help focus your prayers for Japan. Further below is a prophetic thrust for Japan released on March 20, 2011 by Keith Pierce, me and Barbara Wentroble.


Chuck D. Pierce

C. Peter Wagner: Some Personal Thoughts About Japan for Informed Intercession

C. Peter Wagner

C. Peter Wagner

Three weeks ago, Japan suffered one of the most devastating natural disasters on record, and the end is not yet in sight due to the Fukushima nuclear crisis. Japan has been one of the nations that I have been quite deeply involved with for over 30 years, so I have been attempting to process these events with the help of numerous emails from friends who are praying for Japan, and most of them have been praying for Japan for a long time. In these days, God has spoken to many intercessors, giving them a renewed assignment to focus their strategic intercession on Japan. I believe that God spoke to me, indicating that I should circulate this paper expressing some of my personal observations.

Looking at the big picture, we can observe that Japan as a nation has been in serious decline, reflected in the stock market, the economy as a whole, and the standard of life. You can check the charts and see that the tipping point occurred in 1990, the year that Emperor Akihito performed the Daijo-sai ceremony which I will describe later. The Nikkei Index was in a rising trend until 1990 when it turned around and began a bear market that has not yet stopped. Since the 1990s, Japan's share of the world GDP has declined by half, and China has now replaced Japan as the world's No. 2 economy.

I believe that God has a Kingdom destiny for Japan, but the enemy has built seemingly impenetrable strongholds to prevent it from manifesting. God did not cause the natural disasters; satan and his forces did. They came to steal, kill and destroy. However, this time God did not choose to use His sovereign powers to prevent them from wounding Japan.

[Note by Steve Shultz: This is how I see it, too. God COULD cause any disaster, but normally He makes a choice not to intervene "as much." However, had He not intervened somewhat, many more would have perished.]

Peter Wagner: Most of the people I am hearing from believe that something like this earthquake and tsunami will ultimately be used by God to open the gates for Kingdom blessing.

• Cindy Jacobs says, "If we all pray and act in this crisis, I do believe that the Holy Spirit wants to breathe the wind of revival across Japan and bring a mighty spiritual awakening to the land of the rising sun with healing in His wings."

• Chuck Pierce says, "Now is a time to declare that old religious structures in Japan will fall and many will experience the freedom and reality of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

• Barbara Yoder says, "I feel we are in a very critical window where Japan can be turned."

• Ron Sawka says, "Let's believe for this earthquake to be a sign of the Lord shaking old structures that resist Him and, like Paul and Silas, we will see a massive turning to Him."

Published in Voice of The Prophets

I loved this past weekend as we were Positioned for Advancement! This will be recognized as one of the most foundational gatherings we have ever hosted. One of the pieces of our armor is the Breastplate of Righteousness. By understanding timing and the redemptive quality of the 12 tribes, you understand your breastplate. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. However, you have to know how to be righteous. Our understanding of the significance of redemptive gathering and timing has grown greatly since we first taught on the significance of the tribes and months nearly five years ago in the Issachar School.

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